Hemingway by the Sea

When thinking of good deals and good food, Hemingway isn’t the first person that comes to mind but in Balchik, one dockside restaurant has just that.

Named after the famous writer, Ernest Hemingway, this cute restaurant was opened 10 years ago. With its beautiful dockside view, you can’t help but get inspired to write your own novel while taking in the fresh sea air.

What sweetens the experience is the lunch time deal that they offer. You can get a salad, with a main of fish, chicken or bolognese with ice cream for dessert and a glass of wine all for 13.90BGV or 14.90 for the chicken.

Fran and I had the bolognese and the salad that comes with it, it is green and tastes fresh, with cucumber, radish and lettuce. They let you keep the bowl to have with your main if you want. 


 Speaking of main, the Bolognese was light and flavourful with a generous shaving of hard cheese.

Although a restaurant is not just about the food, It’s also the staff. Our waiter, Preslav, was friendly, willing to help and spoke very good English. He’s been working at the restaurant, every summer since it opened 10 years ago. No stranger to service as he studied a hospitality at school. I asked him why he has stayed so long, he said “it encompasses great food by the sea. The marina is where people meet and is the liveliest place in town.”


With a great view of the marina, delicious fresh food for a good price, Hemingway’s is a place to learn to live and “in order to write about life you must live it.”

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