„Roses and dreams of Queen Marie”

Exhibition „Balkan Vernissage” : „Roses and dreams of Queen Marie”

Where: Stone Hall at Balchik Botanical Gardens

01.06.2017. – 04.06.2017

While the short film festival “In The Palace” is yet on the way To The Palace, there is still a lot of things that you can enjoy a-priori. This time I, together with my co-mate Urša, managed to get some record on the artistic plein-air culture that is now an essential part of The Palace for decades long.

The tradition of organising cultural events in “The Palace” is strong. Already since Queen Marie was living there herself, she had made it a shelter for people seeking for an inspiration and willing to develop new ideas and share different opinions. „The Palace” was a perfect oasis for for artistic souls: poets, artists, musicians, to come together and, intoxicated by the wine in the Queen’s caller, fall for their passions, and embark in games and entertainments, common for the gods, nymphs and the forest elfs.

Queen herself was known primarly for her talent in horse-riding, writing, painting, sculpting, dancing and for her beauty, so, perhaps it was quite logical that because of her own artistic being, the Palace became a quay for a bohemian culture in general.

This artistic vibe remains in the Palace even today. The environment here is especially suitable for holding important national and international festivals, promoting young talents, mounting exhibitions.  The Palace can be the perfect venue of drama sessions, small theatre performances, shooting films and clips or training sessions for artists and sculptors.

Perhaps that’s why it is nothing new that during the blooming season it becomes overloaded not only with newly sprung roses but with promising young artists as well, who gathers there to paint the flowers into still life as it is in the real one.  And if you wander around the Botanical gardens long enough, you can find some veterans doing their job there also.

Just like that, once upon a day, I encounter Alexey and Marina – a young couple, fully committed to the paintbrush in the very moment I find them and unintentionally take a moment to  gaze at the canvas that gets nourished by the vivid colors.

-Beautiful artwork, -I simply say, as I cannot resist my urge to pay a good word for something like that. Alexey immediately grabs his bag and rushes through it to hand me a brochure with his contact details and some samples of art. Word by word I find out that they are doing these paintings for an exhibition that will later be held at the Stone Hall.

-Come and see by yourself, -they encourages me and, even though I don’t meet them ever after, there is Valentina and Irina – two ladies who rode all the way from Moscow in Russia to tell me everything that’s there to know about the exhibition today.


Valentina and Irina – the curators of the exhibition


The exhibition displays multiple canvases, painted by various artists from Russia, and few pieces of art from Poland’s paint masters.  In ones I recognize portrayals of Bulgarian landscapes, in others I see freshly baked roses, painted right there at the Palace plein-air.

-Be careful not to touch the paintings! The dabs are so fresh yet, that might even leave a drop of oil on your hands if you touch them! –Irina warns me, -Which ones do you like the best?


The paintings of Marina and Alexey Gilyarovs’.



I land one more look over the paintings and smile, as I recognize the authors that stand behind few of them – Marina and Alexey, whom I had met just a day ago when they were still working on the paintings that now are resting there – and try to think of some nice word to spread for the artists on their guest-book.

-Yeah, one really must be careful not to touch the paintings, -I think to myself, as Irina grabs Urša to take some record of the works through her camera lens.  –Watch out, Urša. They might indeed leave a mark on your heart.



Valentina (84) proudly presenting a canvas she painted herself.


Me and Urša left them our message of love. Come Into The Palace and send  yours!

P.S. All the profit from paintings sold will be later donated for charity.


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