“Do you know what I remember, Batman? I remember you did nothing when you found out my mother was cheating! And kept doing nothing, when she left and took everything!”

This idiosyncratic comedy about a relationship between a father and a son is a noteworthy film that catches your attention.

Batmobile is not the kind of comedy that will make you laugh. The backstory of family drama leaves the main two characters emotionally broken and thus the film starts on a serious note. Vladimir’s longing to gain back his son’s admiration is present throughout the film and makes the viewer uneasy. In the end, when the son finally steps onto his father’s side, the tension is released and the viewer’s nervousness is subdued by joy.

What makes the film enthralling is the great metaphor of the car. It represents the old times, when Itso loved pizza, the family was still together, the mother was not cheating and the father was the boy’s hero. Even though they do not get it back, they fight for it, which is enough for the characters’ catharsis.

The film has a simple plot but is relatable for people of all ages. The actor’s performances are remarkable and the cinematography is beautiful. Batmobile might not be special or different in many ways, but it was a pleasure to watch.

After his divorce and the loss of his car emasculated Vladimir is trying to win back his son’s respect. He once thought of him as Batman but is now angry about his passivity and yielding. After the mother sells their car and it appears parked outside their home, father and son unite in a comical clash with the supposed thieves.

Batmobile (Bulgaria, 2016, 17 min)

director: Deyan Bararev

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