“Life resides in the pauses between inhaling and exhaling.”

This short drama tells an interesting story of two people whose hectic lives are suddenly interrupted by an unexpected fainting of an older citizen. They both have to be somewhere, but someone should wait for the ambulance. A delay could ruin the woman’s musical career and break the man’s marriage.

Too busy leading the life our social system imposed upon us, people easily forget what life is actually about. The question of consciousness and awareness is the film’s main topic and it is presented in an interesting, effective way. The setup is very clever with the unconscious man contrasting the impulsiveness, rushing and fury of the two main characters, whilst at the same time mirroring the thoughtlessness and unawareness of the life they are living.

After an argument, the man and the woman realise that they have followed others’ opinions on how to live their lives for too long. They decide to start focusing on their own ideas, listening to their own hearts, and going their own way.

(Un)conscious challenges viewers to think about where they are in life and whether that is where they want to be. Also, to step back for a second and try to understand what it is that they want from life. But why are we so unaware of how unaware we are? This question remains unsolved; sometimes something big has to happen for us to stop and think. However, sometimes, we only need to watch a film.

(Un)conscious is beautifully made and I would recommend it to anyone living a busy life. Its screenplay might seem a bit dull and its pace not very vibrant, but the plot lures you in and delivers a message that a lot of people will appreciate.

A young man and woman meet when a senior citizen faints in front of them on the street. They are both in a hurry, but they have to wait for the ambulance. While waiting they realise their unconscious existence and decide to change the way they live.

(un)conscious (Bulgaria, 2016, 13 min)

Director: Martin Markov

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