Interview with “DESIGN THINKING” director Aida Argüelles 

Synopsis: Design Thinking is an explanation in stop motion language of a proven and repeatable problem-solving protocol that any business or profession can employ to achieve extraordinary results

Director’s biography: Aida Argüelles (Bilbao 1975) started her professional career in audiovisual theater developing all kind of theatrical formats for a decade (storytelling “B-Sides”, monologues “Yo digo!”, children’s stories “L”, theater plays “N World” and theatrical series “900- HOPE”).

  •  Where did you get the idea to present the basic steps of the design process in such a funny and creative way?

    We are BBVA’s own Agency & Production Company and Millenials Team came to us – they were studying millenials and their behavior. They wanted to use Design Thinking for the whole project and to create a book that would resume the study and a video to explain the method.

  • Which part of the design process is most important to be the final result successful?

    Well, every part is crucial in this process. That’s why it is such a good method.

  • Could you tell me more about the animation styles you have chosen to use in this project and why?

    We drew the real people who actually participated in the initial project, that’s why it is quite realistic. We also used textures to make the animation appear more human. Stop motion is the method used most of the time for the same reason.

  • Do you have any plans for future projects? Are the ideas similar to Design thinking?
    We are now working on a completely new type of illustration for the brand. Meanwhile, we produced a video about the use of bitcoin in the financial world.
  • Do you believe that the film has a potential to help people organise their work and realise their ideas?
    Films have always had potential to teach because in they work at so many different spheres – social, emotional, political and so on.

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