Horse Riders by Marjan Gavrilovski

     ` Horse Riders` is an honest, convincing and thorough first feature-length film by Marjan Gavrilovski from Skopje, which can melt every `iron` heart by presenting its main characters who aim to reach  tranquility and live every day as if it were their last one.

       This debutant feature -length film by the young director Marjan Gavrilovski develops the problematic issue of homeless people, their hopeless life which depends on the mercy and disfavor of the street. The scenario is by Nikola Kuzelov and follows the story of the handicapped  boy  Muppet (played  by Boban Kuleski) who lives under the bridge  with his friend Alec (played by Nikola Kuzelov)  who looks after this misfortunate boy and struggles every day to provide food and medicaments for him. Their lives suddenly change when a girl, named Sarah (played by Dolores Popovic) comes across them, being chased by two persecutors.   

        The authenticity of the choice of locations for the shooting contributed to the scenography to become a theatre scene on which the chamber team will perform its life performance.The scripwriter decided to stylize the speech in the film, instead of trivializing it or making it slang, allowing the actors a wider range of expression. This film is also a kind of reminder to the viewers of the lost values in this alienated world, it has  to burn a flame of empathy, but also to ask what the spiritual fortune is measured by? Is the unconditional care in vain? Can happiness be found in small things or it must be bought with a lot of money? Don`t people who beg on the street have the same value as the people who pass by them?

        The film is realised by two young actors and one young actress who correspond with their characters. Nikola Kuzelov has elaborated his role in detail, and knows how to make a balance between his stiff stoicism and his humanity  and the fear of being abandoned. Boban Kuleski bravely accepts  the challenge of his limitating role, and this trinity is completed by Dolores Popovic  and the persistence and stubbornness of her role, and her need to belong and be accepted by the surrounding.

       The music in this film is a kind of an intensifier of the scenes with emotional charge and was made by Boban Apostolov.

        This film has no explicit scenes, no explosions, no uproar action nor sarcastic humor , but it has humane characters who have  to be noticed in other to exist. We believe that `Horse Riders` will find its audience who will not expect to see cheerful characters, because homeless people do not feel like laughing, although they sometimes make their own fun.

        We believe that there will be people who wouldn`t like to be stuck with these main characters and their tragic lives, but we also believe that there will be people who will recognize the  beauty of the film and will appreciate the displayed intimacy of its  main characters. Maybe it is only our wish, but if wishes were horses we would ride them.


"Horse Riders" (Macedonia, 2017, 84 min 38 sec) 
Director: Marjan Gavrilovski
Article adapted from film review by Zlatko Geleski

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