Interview with “Strings” director Pedro Solís García

Synopsis:  ‘Strings’ is a short film written and directed by Pedro Solís García. ‘Strings’ was the 2014 winner of the the Goya ® award for ‘the Best Spanish short film animation’.

Director’s bio: PEDRO SOLÍS (Barcelona, SPAIN, 10/15/1968) comes from the video game world, in which he has developed different tasks. He has worked from 3D Artist to co-producer on several titles for PC and consoles.

Is there a strong personal inspiration which lies behind the movie?

Without a doubt! This story was inspired by my daughter Alejandra and her behavior with her brother Nicolás. Nicolás is my youngest son. He suffers severe cerebral palsy due to a lack of oxygen when he was born.  This situation stops him from doing the basic things of a child. He can’t eat by himself, can’t walk nor talk; he is just like the main character in ‘Cuerdas’. Despite this situation Alejandra has always played with him with affection and imagination and was his greatest stimulus even now that she is nineteen years old and Nicolás twelve.

What can you say about the connection between teaching and our personal background?

I think that teaching is one of the most important professions because teachers can directly influence in the education of children and their training. I have always thought that they should feel very proud when they see their students grow up because a part of every one of these adults is due to their job.

In the case of special education the situation is different, the teachers, such as those my son has, never know exactly what part of their job really influences and helps them, but that does not discourage them. That is the reason why I think that special education teachers deserve extraordinary merit. And that is the reason why Maria become one of them.

Are children more able to understand the diversity? Or is Maria an exception?

I think children do not come into existence with prejudices. In my opinion these appear by involuntary imitation of adults’ behavior. This underlines the relevance of a good education with a strong emphasis on values. These human values can make the eldest kids keep on behaving like Maria.
Some time ago I received a touching message from a teacher, in which he told me that in his school there was a child in a wheelchair who was always alone at school recess, but his school mates no longer left this child alone after watching ‘Cuerdas’. It is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a creator, to realize how his work positively influences future generations.

Maria is the example of how our new generation must develop.  She represents some kind of hope for all of us because she turns the ropes into an ally to fight for integration, an ally to prove that another school and another education is possible: a school without prejudices, where all the educational community and especially our students could live with values such as integration, diversity, mutual respect and solidarity.

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