IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival – Day Two

First Filmer Forge, a couple of fiction movies and documentaries, discussions and a party on top of it: that was the second day of the IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival.

The programme started at 10am with a traditional Filmer Forge workshop led by industry professionals. The first one of them was focused on successfull pitching of an idea for a movie and was led by Faisal-Azam Qureshi from the UK who is also a member of the jury for the national competition of the festival. The lecture brought a lot of people with no experience with pitching so the audience was eager to get to know more about the topic. The workshop was not just informative, Qureshi led it in an interesting and entartaining way making people enjoy the workshop fully.

The program continued at 3pm when the screenings started. The first block of movies brought sixinternational movies, five of them fictions – Touch, Love is a Sting, Are You happy, Samira and Beautiful, and one documentary – Noriaki.

At 5pm the second block of the screenings started which offered four fiction movies – Lost and Found, Bon Voyage, The Boy in the Ocean, I Still Bleed Inside, and one documentary – 33 Microliters.

The screenings were closed by the third block starting at 7pm. The last block contained four Bulgarian fiction movies – For Eva, You Are Beautiful, Cello and Getting Fat in a Healthy Way.

After each block of screenings a discussion with the audience followed. The third discussion of the day was joined by the producer of Cello Lyubo Yonchev. Some of the movies were very touching and brought a lot of emotions, some forced the public to think about them and their topics.

One of the most touching movies from the second day was, according to the public, the Swiss Bon Voyage made by Marc Wilkins. It concerned a current topic – the refugee crisis – showing two contrasting realities and mentalities of people; one from the ´west´ and the second from the Arab world in a plausible story.

Each block served a mix of movies, sometimes seemingly unconnected and confusing, as the pictures varied in their wieght. At the same time, such an approach was definitely and effectively inspirational.

At the end of the day, a party full of good music took place in the open air space in the gardens of the Palace. Radio Nula, who is in charge of the musical programme, was there and together with Croatian DJ Adrian Bijan created a great party.

Article: Michaela Šedová
Photos: Giulia Livia, Jānis Gavars, Joana Vitor, Rūta Vilcāne

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