On Focus Program on 26.06.17.

A sky full of stars lit up the second night of “On Focus”, but the stars shining even more brightly were those of the guests attending the big screening in the Gardens. After a music set offered by DJ Funkusion, the second screening dedicated to the “European Film Awards” started at midnight.

The first two movies were about the current international, political situations. 9 DAYS – FROM MY WINDOW TO ALEPPO shows the difficult life of those in the Syrian civil war. It is not just a simple depiction of the last few years; it is a series of photos taken by the famous photographer Issa Touma during an arch of just eight days. The raw images reveal the horror that this land has experienced over the past three years. From an even scorching of the Earth on an arid desert and the explosions of bombs, to another country who has lived through the same problem for decades: Palestine. Reda, the protagonist, tries to escape from this hell for three years, eventually finding refuge in Greece. Only the unacceptable crowning of a love story will solve the protagonist’s problems with drugs and her complicated life as a nomad.

There is also time for some animations, with three short films. Director Nina Gantz weaves the threads of a love story between two puppets. The dark colors of the previous films created a contrast with the naive lightness of what appears to be a short film in pastel colors. This brought a smile to the audience, in particular the memorable the scene of the fall on the staircase. The limbo is one of the most popular dance games, not just children, but also for adults, as Jean Pablo Inossart sees in the passage under the limbo stick. This is a metaphor of a door to another world, a world where the main character Tipuana can once again find her father.

The show goes on with a tender story of an old Spanish woman, Josebe, that remains locked up in a hospice in Chile, trying to cling on to the memories of her youth, of her Basque origin, of her first love. This is all illustrated with funny sketches involving an old resident of the nursing home. Another year and it will be enough to erase the memory that is going to fade away.

 Written by Stefano Rossetto

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