An abandoned cinema alive again for a day

In The Palace Festival and its people are bringing more color and life to the most unusual places from the small town of Balchik. Thanks to a group of volunteers, the grey, almost ruined cinema from Magolia street, yesterday was filled again with a breath of life.

Inauspicious from far away, like a haunted echo of the past, I can see the inscription “Kino” (Cinema). Trying to find a path amid wild weeds, I look for a door to open but there are no doors. The holes in the walls are letting the smiles and voices from inside the building to welcome me. I walk on trash – papers, pieces of clothes. I walk on stories, everything here seems to be a sad message of oblivion and loneliness.

And here it starts. A few beautiful people, in a human installation under the golden hour of a Bulgarian summery day. Two bodies are moving slowly, following the music and the inner spontaneous drives. Their bodies are like a canvas for each other. They write not with their mind but with their souls.

performance 1

At the window, a girl in a red dress is giving voice to the silence with a poem about love and peacefulness.

performance 4

In a corner, a smoking man sitting on a broken traffic sign, writes something. “Do you believe in me? I’m just a shadow in fake shapes?”

performance 3

In another corner, a girl is writing on a wall a message. “Space is a clean slate until we pass through it and then it has a meaning.” But her colored writing is deleted by another girl, Sisyphean work in a place where everything is a reminder of transience.

performance 2

Sona performance

I hear different languages which I don’t understand but I catch powerful feelings in a piece of ephemeral performance.

Surprised tourists are passing nearby, asking themselves for a second what is happening inside the ruined building. I would say, what happened that day was maybe the last movie of this forgotten cinema.


Lito, Susy, Irena, Soňa, Adriana, Nicola, thank you for this special experience!

 author: Teia Brînză 
photo: Livia Valková

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