The animated short film (Otto) was inspired by an actual event, experienced by a child. The movie, telling the touching story of a small girl and a couple facing an obstacle, appeals to both children and adults. From the first scene the audience starts feeling intrigued and their attention remains fully focused on the screening. The film is colourful and feel-good, but also meaningful and brings an important message.

A small girl’s imaginary friend, named Otto, who she is very attached to, gets stolen by a woman unable to have children. Being told about her problem, she believes she has found the solution in appropriating the girl’s non-existent friend and treating him as a real child. This has an undesirable effect on the relationship with her husband. Realizing that Otto is missing, the girl feels sad and lonely, but does not give up on looking for him. At the end everyone is brought together thanks to the power of the imagination.

The conclusion that could be arrived at is that sometimes the imagination is a very good way to overcome life’s challenges. However, facing reality is always a better choice than living in an imaginary world. Moreover, the most impressive thing about the animation is that there is no language. Filmmakers use mimics, gestures, music and sounds to create meaning. Watching the film people can see the usage of interesting techniques and are influenced emotionally. No matter what age you are, (Otto) will make you smile.

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