“Potapov’s conjecture” by Mark Rasskazov

What could you do in order to help your beloved ones? This is the main idea we can extract of Mark Rasskazov’s movie Potapov’s Conjecture. An ordinary security gard who has to take care of his little daughter is the main character of the movie. He lost his wife, one of the reasons he feels so pressured when it comes to offer the best education for his daughter.

One of his real struggles comes when he has to teach her maths…how can he help if he wasn’t good at it in school? He even asks his mistress to help him. He starts to feel interest in the topic. His daughter Aleksandra is improving in mathematics and his father…at the end he manages to solve the Goldbach’s conjecture. He, a normal, ordinary men.

In this film Mark Rasskazov’s explores the relationship between a father and his daughter. This kind of link is seen as special: daughter do not see their fathers as the same way they see her mother. In this case, since he is a widower, he has to carry out both of the roles, which makes it even harder.

The clearest message is that for those ones we love and appreciate, for those one we want us to see as important and essential, we could do almost the impossible.

Even if the topic is quite interesting, we could say that the plot seems sometimes too clichéd. The music and the elements of the story, as well as the acting, seem too hyperbolized. The spectator might lose interest as the story goes on, since there are no disturbing elements, which sometimes creates a feeling of unrealistic story.

The movie is recommended to those who are looking for a sweet, happy-ending story with no complications, but not recommended for those who look for a deep message.


 author: Laura Danis

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