“Real soldiers” by Andrew English

Being a journalist is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Journalists are similar to real soldiers, they’re fighting for truth everywhere in the world and facing every kind of adventure each time something interesting needs to be reported. They are the ones who inform us and give us the news, an indispensable part of the power of information. But we have to be careful. “Most people are not aware that the news story they get completely depends on the channel they watch, twitter accounts they follow, or paper they read; let´s not forget that freedom of press is limited to those few who own it. So don‘t believe everything you hear, as somebody says in ‘Real Soldiers’.

Sometimes only an accident, or coincidence, can bring you a powerful story to tell, to share. The video maker in this film is working during an important meeting between the political leaders of Russia and the United States. Accidentally, his camera fell down and stayed in the room after everyone is gone… or at least he thinks so.

Two people didn’t leave the room. Two people who spoke about the political situation in Ukraine during the conflict and crisis of 2013.

The two main characters of the short film can be very convincing with the audience; the film has its potential but it should be longer in order to impact effectively his audience.


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