“Safe space” by Zora Rux

The award-winning short film ‘Safe Space’ (2014) has already been screened at over 100 festivals around the world. The story is about Sara and Patrick, a refugee, who fight together for refugees’ rights in Berlin.

The plot is based on a similar case that occurred in a refugee camp where the director himself, Zora Rux, was helping as an activist. The turning point comes when Patrick’s harmless advances turn into sexual assault. The incident takes a public dimension and the people of the group are forced to confront themselves. There’s an 8-minute shot where 30 people, most of them real refugees and activists, discuss how to handle the situation and polarising opinions emerge.


Safe Space doesn’t mean to change people’s mindset or to give a final and impeccable solution to such a big and complex issue; the movie is meant to stimulate a debate among spectators and make people think about this problem.


8207 Safe Space - still 03

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