“Somewhere else” by Borbala Nagy

‘A midsummer night’s dream’ – that’s how you could describe this film in four words. ‘Somewhere Else’ is a subtle love story from an 8-year old child’s perspective, mirrored through his naïve, idealistic eyes. This is a story about one’s longings to figure out his family, when his own memories of a father are so uncertain, rather, non-existent, that it is difficult to even separate where the reality ends and the fantasy starts. Especially when the mother breaks in between these two fragile dimensions.


Yet, it has been said that a child’s mouth speaks the most honest. So, maybe it is the mother after all, who has to figure out her feelings and find herself in the first place.

The director  Borbála Nagy has created a magical motion picture, with the right touch of various languages – from the sound of a seashell to a dance of one’s body and soul, it captures a fight with a dilemma between choosing where to belong – here or somewhere else.

8345 Somewhere Else - still 01

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