“Strings” by Pedro Solis Garcia

This movie has already won the Goya award for ‘The Best Spanish Short Film Animation’. This is the story of a disabled child who starts attending a new school. Everybody avoids him except for a little girl called Maria who innocently helps the discriminated student. She arranges games with him, mostly involving the use of a rope, which helps the movement of the disabled child.
The rope represents not only the central idea of the movie, the bond, but is also used in a creative way. It is used by Maria to arrange game with her friend and him.
There are both touching and funny moments. The ending is really sad and moving but inspiring at the same time. Eventually, this experience shapes the background of the character Maria who decides to become a teacher.
The film is in Spanish but the images are too intense and emotive that you don’t need to understand Spanish to appreciate its deep meaning.
This masterpiece represents also the society. Mostly, neither adults nor children are able to understand diversity. In fact nobody is able to understand Maria’s feelings and her strong relationship with the unfortunate boy.
The animation is really is bright and well produced. The director’s previous experience in the video game world clearly helped him to bring this world to life.
A strong personal inspiration lies behind the movie. This makes the work really deep and honest. The movie should be screened in schools, for students and teachers, in order to explain the difficulty and the loneliness of these unfortunate children, their families and friends are often still discriminated. The director is conscious of the importance for schools and education to go beyond prejudice.

Fusion x64 TIFF File
Fusion x64 TIFF File

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