This short film talks about something difficult and widespread at the same time: what happens to an elderly couple when they lose attraction to each other? It’s not so easy to talk about this theme, precisely because it’s something that can happen to anybody, and everybody discovers different ways to figure it out. In this case the couple have decided to try a new experience – having sex in their parked car in their driveway. In this atypical situation the couple is having some problems, the feeling of being observant, being scared of some shadows, feeling bad for the pressure…soon doubts, thoughts and fears arise.


The complexity of the relationship comes to light, revealing also the differences between man and woman and their different experiences. Also we see how difficult is to say that we intimately know people, the person we are married to in this case. But in all of those situations love through adversity keeps the couple together, in a continue swing between laugh and worries, serious accusations and genuine attraction. A “tranche de vie” about the frustrations and enjoyment that sex brings.


This comedy, all set in the car, is well written, soft but clear. It touches the right parts, making the viewer smile and makes them think about this daring theme.


The Driving Seat poster 241016