“What is your brown number” by Vinnie Ann Bose

What is your brown colour? The colours are mainly basic colours like red, white, black and the different brown skin colours. We notice how the shapes of the characters are the shape of the colour pallets. The film plays with the basic black lines and there are no complex drawings.

This short film is a critique about discrimination and even a kind of ‘racism’ in the same race of people. The same hatred shown to developed countries has started to permeate through their society. I do like the way the film shows at which point we have arrived, in that there is this nonsense, where instead of human beings we are just a brown number. Nothing else matters because since you are born the people tag you. After you are born you have fewer possibilities (or more) just for the fact of being more or less brown.

Furthermore, we can notice and think about how those poor countries try to somehow be like all the ‘idealist’ continents and countries that they see: Europe, North America etc. Doing the same as we (developed countries) have done for ages: discriminate all of them just being different to us. There is a real problem that the video show us, such as not finding a husband to marry and being excluded since primary school. As a European person this film had a strong impact.

what is your brown.jpg


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