How do you imagine coping with old age? As the last chapter of life, full of adversities, diseases and loneliness? Or the contrary, as a restful time that every one of us deserves after a lifetime of hard work?

Woolen cogwheels (original title Druciane Oprawki) is an animated movie produced in 2014 by Kineskop Studio. It is a classical stop-motion animation with a combination of 3D techniques. Its creator and director, Bartek Kędzierski, is mostly known for his TV series “Włatcy móch”. The film starts by showing a lovely elderly couple, Aniela and Konstanty, enjoying their own company during their retirement. The old lady crochets all the time while her husband experiments with some particular inventions. But in their life there’s something missing, something so important they are not able to hide it.


This movie is a praise of probity and everyday life, dealing also with the sensation of wasted time, longing for something that cannot be restored. Elderly people constantly try to reverse what is irreversible and even to outwit death. However, all these actions are doomed to fail and result in being trapped in grief. On the other hand, the life of the heroes are full of everyday challenges and thrills. Are they trying to tell us we shouldn’t focus only on the purpose of our lives, but also to especially enjoy the path leading to it?

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