Is today´s society obsessed with the appearence and beauty? And what does it actually mean? Those questions are the core of the short, 12 minutes movie ‘Beautiful’ by the Italian director Alessandro Capitani.

Beauty is a relative term which means something different to everyone. Appearance – something which we can´t fully influence – the figure, colour of our eyes or skin. The myth that appearance matters and the fact that beauty is relative and everybody perceives it differently. The film is concentrated around these ideas.

This touching film, with the main character Veronica (Giusy Lodi), forces you to think about our contemporary values and what is important for men when it comes to women.

A big woman crying and locked in the men´s toilet; this is how this short drama begins. She is crying because somebody told her that she is ugly. Yes, maybe she is not the prettiest at the first sight, but does she deserve these kinds of comments? She can´t change the fact that she wasn´t born with blonde hair and blue eyes…

Diego (Emanuele Vicorito) perfectly represented the prototype of a man who wants exactly the kind of a woman which Veronica can never be. In the moment he hears woman´s cry from the toilet, a conversation begins.

Except for her pretty voice, Veronica can´t offer anything according to Diego´s expectations. That is exactly why she describes herself as an ideal prototype of a beautiful woman: thin, with nice big breasts, long blond hair and blue eyes. He starts to be crazy about her and needs to see the model. But what happens when she needs to show her true self?

Excellent camerawork and well-used slow motion with music in the background raise the tension and emotions. There are good performances by the main actors but the most important thing is the message that appearance does (not) matter. Those are the main themes of the movie ‘Beautiful’.