Inspiration is in every single moment of our life. This is part of the message behind Big Bunny Again, an animated movie inspired by the author’s memories about the dog she had during her childhood. This dog reminds her a lot of a rabbit for its long ears and in the kid’s mind this create a long chain of images, a sort of imaginative flow, that drives the protagonist in her life, until she become adult and leaves her house and her beloved dog.


This is a story that talks to everybody who has entered adulthood; creating a little space to enjoy of our childhood fantasies and become children again. It shows us that when we are coming back into our home our world becomes smaller, but at the same time warmer.


This movie is also an interesting reflection about how we modify our memories, especially the childhood ones. They’re fundamental and at the same time so light and sedimented in our unconscious. When memories resurface we can live them again, but with our adult eyes.


This thought is well expressed with a special drawing technique that looks confused and rough, but is a planned combination of colours and shapes that blend together and create a personal, inspired and lived sketch.


There’s magical connection between playful images and also provocative ones, which underscore the intimate connection between innocence and adult drives.

Encore un gros lapin- -Arc en ciel.jpg