Bluey, the title character, is a rebellious young girl who wears only blue clothes. Whether she does that to show her independence; to hide her femininity or – maybe unconsciously – to show that she always feels blue; the young girl aggressively tries to hide the absence of something that was once very important to her. She rebels against a world that once treated her wrong and she can’t let it go.


Bluey represents a whole generation of young people who feel misunderstood and need to find their own place in the world. In the end she finds her own path, but will it be right for her or will it cause her even more troubles?


The director not only shows a great sensitivity towards this subject, but also touches many of the social problems of modern Australia, for example those related to racism towards native Australian aborigines. In a nutshell, a worthy movie that digs into modern Australian society and brings up its deepest truths.

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