“Bon voyage” by Marc Wilkins

Imagine you are on a beautiful summer holiday trip via the Mediterranean Sea. You are on a yacht enjoying your time with your loved one, surrounded by calming waves and a warming sun. Everything is going just great, but then the dark night comes. The night that is going to change your life. Everything happens when two boats cross each other. This sounds like a quite normal situation, right? It might not be in these days. This dramatic short movie gives us a very unique point of view on Europe´s current refugee crisis as it is experienced through the eyes of a sailor. The questions the sailors have to ask themselves are not different from the ones we all should ask ourselves. As the director mentioned: “We all know the images of refugees landing on the coasts of Greece or Italy after their crossings. But I want to ask myself and the audience: what does it really mean to expose your life to the merciless sea? With this film, I want to bring the physical and emotional reality of a sea-crossing to our audience. But I also want to ask myself and the audience: Are we aware in which comfort and luxury we are living? How ready to help, to share, to risk our own comfort are we really?” Join us on this dramatic journey through the sea of the most important questions of current times.


‘Bon Voyage’ is multiple award-winning short film, which has also been on the shortlist of nominations for an Oscar. Besides creating films, the director Marc R. Wilkins is a passionate sailor, so he knows the sea very well. Moreover the actors are personally touched by this issue since they are real refugees; the main child-character, for example, has been running away from bombs since she was 14 months old.

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