Water is the animated character that permeates this delicate, tearful short story. There are no words in it because no words could ever tell this story.

Everything starts as a dream, with a child flying above his bed; he’s flying as children usually dream to fly, swimming in the air like the whole room is filled with water. Rain is the only sound coming from the outside and the striped carpet is a river for a little toy boat. Imagination floats freely above the drawings, where we recognise games and nightmares from our own childhood. The young mother seems thoughtful, a pot is sinking in the drain, and they are late for school time.

The audience is carried through the images by the elegant touch of the director’s eye; Christophe Gérard plays with our most silent feelings and fears, creating ten minutes of dark magic that slowly bring a deeper truth to the surface and eventually leave us speechless.

This little masterpiece is a rare pearl of bittersweet sadness that only memories mixed up with fantasies can bring to life. Thankfully we will soon have the chance to see how such a tasteful and elegant director will deal with his first feature-length film, entitled “Par-delà les plaines”; we are truly looking forward to it.

8761 - Child dream - 2