This light Spanish film sends a message of hope and equal opportunities for everyone through a special love story. In the old Eden Hostel some people come and others go. In the crowd a guy in particular has a surprising experience. He arrived with the soul purpose of suicide but is soon interrupted by an exuberant hooker who tries to seduce him. This misunderstanding pushes these two strangers to talk each other and they find a little bit of compassion and empathy. Finally what connects these two people is the simplest and most visceral of pleasures: food. Eating something together reminds the protagonist of his childhood and as their hearts open they fall in love. The turning point in the story is the discovery that the voice over telling the story is the voice of a little statue of Virgin Mary hanging on the wall of the room. This silent presence, a very traditional figure in Spanish culture, sees everything and it’s suggest that she is also doing something for the guests of the room, such as sending a hooker to our protagonist’s room.


So this simple story assumes a new value, combining a philosophy of equality with a Christian vision of a divine figure watching and protecting us.


The combination of sacred references with a dirty hostel, a potential suicide and a hooker create a bold film that doesn’t fear prejudices and critics. Otherwise it rewards sensibility, freedom of speech and shows how even in bad and dirty things we can have innocence and kindness.


The film is filled with colourful, strong photography, perfect for a philosophy based on feelings.

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