Fifteen minutes before watching this short, wonderful documentary nobody knew what a “foley artist” really was. Nowadays, thinking of all the special effects we are quite used to see in movies, it seems weird that everything started as a necessity: sounds – even before voices – are the essential background of every scene, but there is a huge work behind each single noise.

Through the candid point of view of a very young and curious actress we enter the magical world of sound effects and we meet an authentic foley artist who patiently works in front of a black and white film, reviewing it scene by scene and carefully adding precious acoustic details. There is nothing too technical about this job –  in fact the young girl, Anuk, who portraits Heidi, is perfectly capable and glad to help. Objects magically transform into others: planks of wood to hit with a shoe become rushing steps on a bridge, some wet cloth can be a fall in the mud and a piece of paper can be rain as well as a horsetail.

The director Christian Frei is certainly not new to this form of cinema but manages to prove once again his skills: the documentary has a personal, colorful tone since the narrator is the lively voice of Anuk, but still it never moves away from the subject and gives the audience a stimulating look into an almost unknown profession. Curiosity not only leads the audience through the discovery of the foley artist, but is also the Muse inspiring Frei’s eye.