“I want to fly” is not a documentary about life in a wheelchair. The barriers Kemal encounters every day are just obtacles to overcome and, as every obstacle, they can represent a challenge against oneself.

The director, Maria Ibrahimova, paints a constructive and positive picture of a man who faces a great change in his life with a strong, sunny disposition and finds his own new purpose: helping others. In a society where being on a wheelchair is considered a disability at best and something to hide at worse, the way Kemal tells his story is fascinating and inspiring for anyone. Furthermore, this bright short movie teaches us something very important: there are many ways to help someone in need, but one of the most important thing is to encourage others to break their limits and reach for what they need or want because sometimes not to help can lead to better results.

For all these reasons, through out the whole film, the desire to fly perfectly represents not only the passion Kemal is pursuing but any kind of possible human boundary, that can be challenged and successfully crossed with the right tenacity.

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