Jacked is a story that follows a car stealing event that turns into life changing decision.

In the beginning we have Yasayuki Otsuki’s title sequences keyed into the side of a car. They are perfect way of showing the movie theme and mood in the opening titles, so we have the movie signature in the first few seconds.

As the story goes on we can see that the cinematographer and the director have decided to use mostly close ups and details in order to frame the exact feeling and the tension between the characters. Thomas Turgoose and Charley P. Rothwell are filmed mostly from inside the car, so we have that feeling that we are inside the car also.

Their performances are deeply plausible, so it is clear who is who and what the characters problems are.

There is also Tony Coote’s music to follow up the aesthetics and the actor’s performances enabling us to enjoy the full picture as a complete piece of cinema.

In the end Jacked is short film full of life philosophy made in a great and noticeable British manner.

8777 Poster - JACKED (2015)


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