Ivan Barge’s short movie Madam Black is a film of unexpected tenderness.

The unique plot crafted with a lot of humour, follows a young photographer making his way home when accidentally, he hits the cat of a young boy with his car. Instead of disappearing, he decides to build a story for the boy, saying that his cat went to travel around the world. As the movie rolls, we watch pleasurably the photographer setting the scenery for the photoshoot of the dead cat and preparing postcards with her adventures. Surprisingly loyal to his commitment, the photographer is positively shocking us by insisting on the story of the cat- traveller. From the other hand, the young boy’s honesty and simplicity are encapsulating.

Underneath the unfamiliar but joyful story there’s an easily understandable motive. The way the photographer looks at the young boy’s mum betrays a deeper desire than just being nice; the need for love and affection. A deeper look at his life reveals his solitude and makes the audience of the film hope even more for eventual happiness. The end of the story? Heart-melting.
Prototype, gentle and humorous; definitely worthy.