#SHORTVIEW: “The Address” by Asparuh Frangov


A mysterious man, driven by a will of vengeance, visits the address where a terrible crime was committed some 15 years ago.


> Your short movie deals with a story of revenge. Why did you decide it to be so?

I don’t know, I guess that I was influenced by other films that I watched on the same topic, films like “Oldboy”, from Park Chan-Wook, that I liked a lot. But really, my theory about cinema is that atmosphere is more important than story, so I’m not one to focus on my stories too much, once they fulfill the purpose that I set up for them.

In this case, revenge is what drives the plot and the actions on the movie, so that’s good – but for me, the aesthetic elements were far more important, and those were the ones that I wanted to experiment with.

> Speaking of aesthetics, your film has a kind of raw, uncut style – a style that also shows up in other Bulgarian shorts.

I can’t speak for other films, but in my case, my short film was made without a budget, really. I was my own camera operator, for one. So in my case, it was mainly a matter of budget and time – which I also did not have a lot of.

Generally speaking, this style of “raw cinema” is something that has been very popular in art cinema since the arrival of the French “new wave” and all the experimentations that wanted to break the “classical” style. Many films have a lot of shots, I think, maybe too many shots, and too much editing for the story that they’re trying to tell, which can be a pretty simple one – so I think this could also be a reaction to that.

> How was your short film received by the general public?

I can certainly say that it’s not for everyone – some people, for example, were driven off by the main elements, the primary story and aesthetic elements, so to speak, and other people really enjoyed them. The reactions were very polarised, which for me, it’s not so bad.

> Before being a director, you also were a film reviewer, young critic, etc. What do you think about the current Bulgarian scene of short movies?

I think the industry is growing a lot, and a lot of big, quality films are being produced – not only short films. Specifically, recent results in festivals and an increase in general popularity confirm that short films are experiencing a kind of wave, which has been made possible by a new generation of really talented people. I think that we’re in a pretty good point right now, and I think that it will only get better.

Short films, I’d like to say, are a very important medium: not only because they have distinctive qualities from feature films, but also because they provide the perfect form for some ideas, the perfect way of telling some ideas – which makes them invaluable as a medium.

Asparuh has some other projects in his future, one of which may turn out into a feature film – but he declared that, even if he moved to the feature length, he’d still work in the short film format.


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