#SHORTVIEW: “Desire” by Veselin Zografov


A hungry boy roams the streets of the city – and then, an unexpected friendship brings him not only food, but also compassion.


This is the second part of an interview with Veselin Zografov about two of his short films, which were both selected to be screened at IN THE PALACE. For the first part of the interview, click here.

> “Desire” has a very different style than “Maznikow” did – why did you decide to make it like so?

First of all, I wanted to say that I’m always trying to experiment with my style, and keep on learning, so for me, it’s a good thing to jump from one thing to another. It’s probably easier for people, and maybe even more interesting, when directors use the same style over and over again, and they can jump from work to work in a sequence – but for me, it’s much more interesting and rewarding to keep experimenting with my films, and with the stories that I explore within them.

I can’t say that I’m 100% happy with how this short film turned out, but I do think that the story and the ideas that I wanted to tell are still in there, somewhere: you know, about loneliness, and the life in the city, and how you can always find a friend even in the direst situations. Age or place of origin doesn’t matter. And also, I think that it also shows that you can find happiness in the small things, the gestures that people usually overlook.

 > Do you think that people respect those gestures, nowadays?

Unfortunately, no – I think that, in Bulgaria, we need to grow a little bit more, as a society, and start respecting a little bit more everyone else’s need, and caring about these small things that go on in everyday life. We won’t be able to make a “revolution”, as it goes, if we don’t change the small things that bug us every day, and we try to help each other in these small things.

> And lastly, what is your perspective on the possibilities of the short film as a medium?

I think that short films are an especially amazing platform for the people that are learning and experimenting, like me, because there’s a lot of different ideas that you can play and experiment with on a short film that you couldn’t really play with on a full-length feature. Because, you know, the expectations are different.

In a short film, you can experiment with the dialogue, and the scenes, and the ideas, and you can see a lot of different things colliding together, in a way that you just can’t in a feature. Because of that, I truly believe that short films are a truly amazing medium. I truly do.

At the point of this interview, Veselin was immersed in the shooting of an “experimental” documentary, going through the life of a communist bloc telling “its own story”.


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