#SHORTVIEW: “Hilde”, by Felix Knoche


After an accident at the lake, 11 year old Melly will experience a strange metamorphosis. Meanwhile, her mother Hilde will desperately try to keep up normality.


> How did you come up with a story like this?

I wanted to do a story about something mythological. It could’ve been many things, but I decided to create a “mermaid story”. The old mermaid stories always spoke about fishermen getting dragged under the sea, and this was the story I wanted to tell – but I wanted to make a kind of update on it, so I thought, how would the mermaid story be told today? And this was the result.

> What purpose do you think that myths may have in our contemporary society?

I think that the fairytales and old stories that you can hear all over the world, they are not just stories: they come from real situations, people having problems with their parents, or their children, relationships, whatever. That’s the reason why these stories were created in the first place, they’re related to us, they’re a way of exploring and dealing with our problems, and they still live in us, in a lot of different ways. I don’t think it’s a matter of time – I think it’s just an aspect of humankind, of human nature, to create these stories.

In this particular case, my story is obviously a coming of age story, where the daughter is transforming into something else. Traditionally, this would be a woman; but in this universe, the transformation ends in something else. But the path is the same, and it’s a path that all young people have to walk at some point.

> Without spoiling the end, let’s say that the film reaches a very disturbing conclusion. Why did you want it to be so?

For me, it was very clear in my mind that I wanted to follow the classical way of telling such a story, and when you look at it, they always end in this way, the classical stories. The fishermen always get killed in the end. So for me, it was clear that the story had to end like that.

> You’ve come a long way from an art direction background to directing a film. Why did you want to make the change?

I’ve worked a long time in character animation, design, and that stuff, and I spent a lot of time in front of the computer. I always liked to create things in this kind of endless universes, but at the same time, I’ve always liked to go analog from time to time, and go hiking, and feel the elements.

After some years of doing so much computer work, I felt kind of “dead” inside, and I felt that there was more in life waiting for me, so I went out and I started shooting, finding locations, moving around, seeing the world, and then bringing all of that back into the digital world. I found reality, so to speak. And for me, that’s been a perfect mixture between the digital and the real world. And that’s what I’d like to keep working on, for now.

At the point of the interview, Felix was thinking of developing a project based on dwarves, and the way in which their mythical digging may be related to finding oneself in the depths of the ground.


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