#SHORTVIEW: “You Are Beautiful”, by Hristo Poriazoff


The secrets of a family will come together in a day in which everyone will have to face the secrets that they know from each other.


> Where did this story come from, and why were you interested in shooting it?

This story comes from a screenplay that my scriptwriter did way back in 2007 – which in turn was based on a real story. He had some problems with some directors, because they wouldn’t turn the script into a short movie, and when we came together, we finally decided to do it. My main goal with the film was to send the message that it’s not good to keep secrets from each other, especially within families.

Everybody has its own search for happiness, you know, but I think that secrets get in the way of that a lot, not only in relationships, but also in economics, politics, in every level. Secrets make us distant from each other, and warm the ways in which we communicate. We have to stay together, but these secrets hurt us, and also hurt our future.

> Without going into much detail, there’s an embarrasing moment from your movie in which two characters face each other – but in some way, it appears to relieve them of some kind of tension.

The situation is very delicate, because we have here a father first, so his responsibility, first and foremost, should be to care for and understand his son. And this is the reason why, for me, the father is a hero: he realizes what the situation is, and then, instead of getting angry, he just hugs his son, and takes hold of the situation. He understands what’s happening. The mother doesn’t, though, and doesn’t even want to. She only cares about her son being gay and smoking cigs.

> At the end of your short movie, we have a family to is about to go through a very chaotic situation. What do you think will be the result?

At the end of the movie, the secrets are still secrets, they are not fully discussed, so I think that the situation is not good. But there’s a reason why we didn’t show the conversation itself, and it was that we didn’t want to make any interpretation of the events. We only showed what really happened.

When watching the movie, everyone might be able to have his or her own interpretation, and that’s okay, because we only wanted to convey this story, to focus on its real events, and to show them through the simplest techniques that we could use, in order to say: that’s what happened. Now, what do “you” think about this?

At the point of the interview, Hristo was promotion his second short movie, titled “This is Your Baby”, which had been shot in Madrid with the help of Spanish theatre actresses, and had the intention of producing another film with the help of Bulgarian-Spanish actors.


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