SECOND DAY // 24th of June

Our second day was awesome! The events started at 10.00h with the Questions & Answers Session in the Stone Hall with the directors of the screened films. Some of them could not be with us, but it was possible to watch their testimonies in videos. However, we enjoyed the meeting with Vesselin Boydev, author of Clothes, from Bulgaria, participating in the National Film Category in the Oscar Qualification Contenders Competition, and Sokol Keraj, from Romania, creator of Saturday, part of Best Fiction Category also in the Oscar Qualification Contenders Competition.


We listened to Boydev speaking about what motivated him to create his story, apart from other technical aspects of the creation process. The film that tells how two brothers get closer after the loss of their father is based on his own life, so it was especially emotional and touching to hear.


The screenings continued at 15.00h with the Volume III of the Documentary and Students Competitions, where we could watch the films It’s not Silence, Fist, How to become a pope?, Greater Than and The Suitcase.

Later at 17.00h again in the Stone Hall we enjoyed Ksenia Peterburgskaya, Labelled, Like Wolves and Lambs, Sand Men and 14.74 or The Pursuit of Mediocrity, in Volume IV of the same competition.


Oscar Qualification Contenders Competition continued with his Volume II at 19.00h with the films Lost Property Office, Acide, The Camel Boy, Lea, Confino, and Cléo.

The screening of volume III of the same category took place at 21.00h with Again, Ethnophobia, Rabbit Punch, Trials, Weasel and Headbutt.

The music of Phillie P, from Ice City Records, Serbia, led the party with all the team and guests from 22.00h in the gardens of the Queen Mary Palace.

party, day 2

Be aware for today because we will start with the educational activities of Filmer Forge 2018, the annual program aims to be an audio-visual training in the framework of the festival including a series of integrated educational streams, workshops, lectures, case studies and master classes.


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