THIRD DAY // 25th of June

A Monday that was not hard as usually! The 15th In The Palace Festival started today with the Question & Answer Session at 10.00h in the Stone Hall. This time was the time of Filip Ignatowicz. He is the director and writer of “New Bronx”, that participates in the Fiction Category in Student Competition.


Pavel Pavlov, the director of Lea, was also with us talking about his film and his work that is concentrated on short movies, music videos and commercials. This time people from the audience felt more encouraged to ask more questions to them.


At 13.00h started the first appointment of the Filmer Forge 2018 – Educational Sessions Programme: Shorts from the Masters, by Alan McQueen. At 14.00h his conference was followed with Genre Tendencies: Balkan Stylistics and Originality as Sustainability for Successful Co-Productions, by Manuela Cernat.


The screenings started at 15.00h with the Volume V of Documentary Competition & Student Competition, where we could watch Childless, Genek, The Life of Esteban, Suedwestwind, I – One of you and Friendly Sport Meeting.

The next volume of the same category was screened at 17.00h with the films Vulture’s Love, Aplomb, Sirene, RAKIJADA – Distalled Village Tales, Happy End and Mimicry.


Later, at 19.00h, the Volume IV of the Oscar Qualification Contenders Competition took place with the screenings of Rikishi, The Gap, Timmy, Pushing Night Away, Happiness and 14 Years in One Day.

The Volume I of the category On Focus: European Film Awards was screened at 22.00h for those who couldn’t join the film’s screenings during the day. But those that wanted to party a bit, joined the event in the garden of the Palace with the music of Funkusion from U Don’t Know It, Bulgaria.


We will be waiting for you tomorrow!


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