SIXTH DAY // 28th of June

Special sensations were remarkable yesterday. Even more people than the previous journeys joined us overall for the screenings. The presence of the directors and some of the protagonist from the movies during these days, the contact with them, has get the people more involved and curious and they had special interest in some of the films. As we could see, some feelings were -proudly- moved.

Q&A (3).JPG

The penultimate Questions & Answers Session with the authors from the movies screened the previous day started again at 10.00h. We participated in a fun discussion about short films, inspirations, stories behind the films and the creative processes. From the Oscar Qualification Contenders Competition, they were Sokol Keraj, director of Saturday, participating in the Best Fiction Category, and Joanna Polak, director of Wool World, competing in the Best Animation Category. From the Documentary & Experimental Competition, they were Ivy Yukiko Ishihara Oldford, director of Natural Light: Vivi’s Story, and Anna Nevander, author of The Theft. By other hand, they were also presents Petar Minov, director & writer of The Girl, and Victoria Karakoleva, creator of Shadows, both participating in the Best Student Fiction Category in the Student Competition.

Katarzyna Klimkiewicz (4).JPG

At 13.00h we followed the journey with the next session of the Filmer Forge Educational Programme. It was the turn of Katarzyna Klimkiewicz with her conference Case Study: Stairway to EFA.

Just next, at 14.00h, the old friend of In The Palace, Faisal Qureshi, started with his wised advises in Pitching: How to Do It.


The Volume X of the Documentary Competition & Student Competition started at 15.00h in a specially crowded Stone Hall in the Queen Marie Palace. We enjoyed the films Joe Boots, Millimeterle, Apples, Three Women on a Bench and Son of Icarus.

Later, at 17.00h, it was the turn of the Volume VIII of the Oscar Qualification Contenders Competition with the movies So Be It, Wawa, Nocturne, Reflections Full of Life, Have No Fear, The Retarded Child and Mare Nostrum.

The Volume IX of the same competition took place at 19.00h when we could watch the films #BURNING, The Hermit, Trust Exercise, Ugly Fairy Tale, Ulises, Yellow and Icarus.


We closed the journey of screenings at 22.00h with the section On Focus: 2018 Oscar Nominees Live Action, that grouped the films DeKalb Elementary, My Nephew Emmett, The Eleven O’Clock, The Silent Child and Watu Wote/All of Us.


As alternative of the last watchings, we had another great party in the gardens of the Queen Marie Palace with the music of Dossiu Amudjev from Groovy Sessions in Bulgaria.

Let’s see what other surprises we will find!


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