SEVENTH DAY // 29th of June

Yesterday we didn’t have the daily Question & Answers Session. But it was so for a reason! Once per festival, IN THE PALACE always hosts a Pitching Session, where directors and filmmakers are able to pitch their ideas in front of a selected audience – with the chance to earn financial support. For that purpose, the producer Rossitsa Valkanova, the artistic director Massimiliano Nardulli and the screenwriter and producer Faisal-Azam Qureshi were yesterday attending as the jury in the two Pitching Sessions that took place at 10.00h and at 13.00h.

Pitching (1).JPG
Pitching (6).JPG

The number of winners is not settled, as it depends on the kinds and quality of the projects. The awards offered from special companies of the cinema industry are also decided acording to the nature of the films. The companies will offer their support taking into consideration the characteristics of each one. The winner(s) will be announced tomorrow at the Closing Ceremony.

Pitching II (1).JPG

Later, at 15.00h, it came the turn of the last sessions of screenings. We enjoyed the Volume XI of the Documentary Competition and Student Competition with the films Whole to Part, Lily’s Pain Store, The Sandman, Youme Knows What Meyou Wants and Snowgirl.

The Volume XII of the same category was just after, at 17.00h, with the movies Meryem, Serafim, Ariana Forever!, Mon Amour, Mon Ami, Masterclass, and Paleonaut.


At 19.00h was the moment for the Oscar Qualification Contenders Competition, that included the movies Next Time, Flatman, Downside Up, Robbery, The Terrible Tale of Henrietta Tate and Carlotta’s Face.

Then, at 22.00h we watched the films included in On Focus: 2018 Oscar Nominees Animation: Dear Basketball, Garden Party, Lou, Negative Space, and Revolting Rhymes.

After the last screening, we enjoyed the best party until now (let’s see what happens in our closing party!) with the music of DJ Suspect, 45 Live and Keep it Dusty from France and Dusty and Jazz & Milk from Germany.


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