SEVENTH DAY // 29th of June

Yesterday we didn't have the daily Question & Answers Session. But it was so for a reason! Once per festival, IN THE PALACE always hosts a Pitching Session, where directors and filmmakers are able to pitch their ideas in front of a selected audience – with the chance to earn financial support. For that purpose, … Continue reading SEVENTH DAY // 29th of June

SIXTH DAY // 28th of June

Special sensations were remarkable yesterday. Even more people than the previous journeys joined us overall for the screenings. The presence of the directors and some of the protagonist from the movies during these days, the contact with them, has get the people more involved and curious and they had special interest in some of the … Continue reading SIXTH DAY // 28th of June

FOURTH DAY // 26th of June

Our fourth day was full of surprises! The journey started at 10.00h with a crowded Question & Answers Session. Seven directors were interacting with the audience in an knowledgment interchange that inspired everyone. The creators in the meeting were Inès Eshun, the director of the Belgian film The life of Esteban, that is nominated in the Best Student … Continue reading FOURTH DAY // 26th of June