“Bon voyage” by Marc Wilkins

Imagine you are on a beautiful summer holiday trip via the Mediterranean Sea. You are on a yacht enjoying your time with your loved one, surrounded by calming waves and a warming sun. Everything is going just great, but then the dark night comes. The night that is going to change your life. Everything happens … Continue reading “Bon voyage” by Marc Wilkins


“Dopado” by Piotr Wieckowski

Piotr Więckowski’s movie Dopado deals with the fragile balances that take place on the inside of a family. The triangle that constitutes the family of the movie is a mother, a father, and their young daughter. The roles inside the house are playing with the dominant societal stereotypes: it is night and the father tries to … Continue reading “Dopado” by Piotr Wieckowski

“Rabbit blood”. An unusual habit of tea drinking, in a bittersweet Turkish animation

The habit of drinking tea is distinctive for Turkish hospitality and their value system. Tea has a special place in the daily life of Turkish people and various ways of being brewed. Directed by Yagmur Altan, who was inspired by an old Turkish expression related to tea drinking, Rabbit blood (2016) unveils its story charmingly and … Continue reading “Rabbit blood”. An unusual habit of tea drinking, in a bittersweet Turkish animation

“Somewhere else” by Borbala Nagy

‘A midsummer night’s dream’ – that’s how you could describe this film in four words. ‘Somewhere Else’ is a subtle love story from an 8-year old child’s perspective, mirrored through his naïve, idealistic eyes. This is a story about one’s longings to figure out his family, when his own memories of a father are so … Continue reading “Somewhere else” by Borbala Nagy