“The last trick” by Marcin Nowak

From the synopsis we learn that the main character of 'The Last Trick', Zenon Andryjewicz, has been running a children’s circus school in Lviv for many years and currently his thoughts are turning more and more often to retirement... Marcin Nowak in his documentary piece about the Ukrainian teacher is doing a wonderful job in … Continue reading “The last trick” by Marcin Nowak

“Time to die, motherfuckers” by Annika Sehn & Jonas Spriesterbach

Under the heavy iron skies people are living their lives of machine parts in an everlasting golem of the world economy. Working in contemporary glass houses they are missing something, an escape from glowing screens and documents to process. For some, a way is to give their fate into someone else's hands. Those hands are … Continue reading “Time to die, motherfuckers” by Annika Sehn & Jonas Spriesterbach

“What is your brown number” by Vinnie Ann Bose

What is your brown colour? The colours are mainly basic colours like red, white, black and the different brown skin colours. We notice how the shapes of the characters are the shape of the colour pallets. The film plays with the basic black lines and there are no complex drawings. This short film is a … Continue reading “What is your brown number” by Vinnie Ann Bose

“ZERO-G” by Jannis Lenz

The nine minutes short film Zero-G, directed by Jannis Lenz, is a documentary that guides us through the artform of "Le Parkour", a movement born in the Parisian suburbs, which has received global appeal on the internet. Shot in Vienna, Zero-G collects material of three years, a period of time during which the film director, … Continue reading “ZERO-G” by Jannis Lenz

“Balcony” by Toby Fell Holden

‘Balcony’ is the brutal and devastating short film by director Toby Fell Holden, telling the story of two teenage girls caught up in a gritty, modern day fairy-tale that unexpectedly twists and turns until reaching its disastrous climax. The film opens with us gazing up at the balcony on a London estate through the eyes … Continue reading “Balcony” by Toby Fell Holden

“Back and Forward Inc” by Martin (Martn) Demmer

A dystopian, wordless, icy atmosphere. A man, sitting in a bare office, types too fast. He never moves from his chair, but his mind sometimes floats – in a forest, in a dream, in and out his own body. Reality seems weak, something fades and something looks even too real to accept. This clever short … Continue reading “Back and Forward Inc” by Martin (Martn) Demmer

Flesh and blood, a different kind of zombie film

How a film about zombies can be so natural and real? You keep asking yourself this question, while watching the horror movie - Flesh and Blood (2016), a breath taking intense experience. This short film was successful even before being released. The director - Merlin Camozzi and his team have reached and exceeded their goal for the … Continue reading Flesh and blood, a different kind of zombie film

The Maltese fighter – How far can we go when desperate?

Victories which are not bringing glory or money; the desire to live a calm, satisfied life as an unreachable ideal and the lure of the dark side, driven by misery through the false hope of a better future. This is the Maltese short film by the director Arev Manounkain. A short story full of emotions … Continue reading The Maltese fighter – How far can we go when desperate?