Horse Riders by Marjan Gavrilovski

     ` Horse Riders` is an honest, convincing and thorough first feature-length film by Marjan Gavrilovski from Skopje, which can melt every `iron` heart by presenting its main characters who aim to reach  tranquility and live every day as if it were their last one.        This debutant feature -length film by … Continue reading Horse Riders by Marjan Gavrilovski


“Alas, once again unhappy ending! But this is how life goes.” This short comedy is an unusual, enterprising film with some uncommon elements. For an extra touch of mystery, the story is told by an eccentric narrator. Even so, his character might seem quite out of context and more or less unnecessary. The Unfortunate Events … Continue reading THE UNFORTUNATE EVENTS OF MR MAZNIKOW BY VESELIN ZOGRAFOV


“Life resides in the pauses between inhaling and exhaling.” This short drama tells an interesting story of two people whose hectic lives are suddenly interrupted by an unexpected fainting of an older citizen. They both have to be somewhere, but someone should wait for the ambulance. A delay could ruin the woman’s musical career and … Continue reading (UN)CONSCIOUS BY MARTIN MARKOV


“Do you know what I remember, Batman? I remember you did nothing when you found out my mother was cheating! And kept doing nothing, when she left and took everything!” This idiosyncratic comedy about a relationship between a father and a son is a noteworthy film that catches your attention. Batmobile is not the kind … Continue reading BATMOBILE BY DEYAN BARAREV

Love is a Sting by Vincent Gallagher

If there is one thing many people have in common, it is our everlasting hate for mosquitos. The longest relationship I personally had with a mosquito was the time it took me to slap its blood sucking sting out of my face or squish it against my leg. I admit I hate mosquitos; I hate … Continue reading Love is a Sting by Vincent Gallagher

Speechless by Robin Polak

„A touching reminder of innocence and the power of family“ JULIEN DUBUQUE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Timeless, impactful and to the point. Just how short films should be. Speechless is a simple story about a boy in a toy store. He is alone, he doesn’t understand, but he is like all the other kids in the … Continue reading Speechless by Robin Polak