Interview with “Rabbit blood” director -Yagmur Altan

Yagmur Altan is a 3D artist, born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey and currently working as a principal designer at AOL, Inc in NYC, focusing on digital production on face and facial feature tracking. He wrote and directed his first animated short film Rabbit Blood during his MFA 3D Animation degree at SVA, shown in … Continue reading Interview with “Rabbit blood” director -Yagmur Altan

Interview with “Strings” director Pedro Solís García

Synopsis:  ‘Strings’ is a short film written and directed by Pedro Solís García. ‘Strings’ was the 2014 winner of the the Goya ® award for ‘the Best Spanish short film animation’. Director’s bio: PEDRO SOLÍS (Barcelona, SPAIN, 10/15/1968) comes from the video game world, in which he has developed different tasks. He has worked from … Continue reading Interview with “Strings” director Pedro Solís García