Go Green! Bulgarian Mint Liquor Review

One of the best things about visiting a new country is sampling the local delicacies and getting involved, as much as you can, with local traditions. When arriving in Bulgaria, we set about exploring these traditions, specifically favourite Bulgarian drinks. First, a bit about the drinking culture here: the official drinking age is 18 but … Continue reading Go Green! Bulgarian Mint Liquor Review

Speechless by Robin Polak

„A touching reminder of innocence and the power of family“ JULIEN DUBUQUE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Timeless, impactful and to the point. Just how short films should be. Speechless is a simple story about a boy in a toy store. He is alone, he doesn’t understand, but he is like all the other kids in the … Continue reading Speechless by Robin Polak

Behind the Tribal Dance

Stay tuned on for more. “In the Palace” is a festival that includes serious preparation before it begins. Everybody is getting ready for the festival, Directors, the weather, the city and also the volunteers of the festival. A group of volunteers are like Santa's little helpers who help with all the preparations starting from promotions … Continue reading Behind the Tribal Dance

The Beautiful and The Abandoned

I often wonder: if walls could speak - what would they say? About the life that happens, about the people that are around; about the locals and us, the foreigners, tourists and vagabonds that pass by…? Most often, the visitors who come around, (not travelers!) don’t see the whole picture they are drawn into. They … Continue reading The Beautiful and The Abandoned

Balchik in Brief…

Balchik is a picturesque Black Sea coastal town, of almost 14,000 residents, in the Southern Dobruja area of northeastern Bulgaria. It spreads itself over the many scenic hills and cliffs which surround this area of coast. Although its natural beauty and rural feel still remain, it now has numerous restaurants serving fresh fish, bars offering … Continue reading Balchik in Brief…