„Roses and dreams of Queen Marie”

Exhibition „Balkan Vernissage” : „Roses and dreams of Queen Marie” Where: Stone Hall at Balchik Botanical Gardens 01.06.2017. – 04.06.2017 While the short film festival “In The Palace” is yet on the way To The Palace, there is still a lot of things that you can enjoy a-priori. This time I, together with my co-mate Urša, … Continue reading „Roses and dreams of Queen Marie”


Behind the Tribal Dance

Stay tuned on for more. “In the Palace” is a festival that includes serious preparation before it begins. Everybody is getting ready for the festival, Directors, the weather, the city and also the volunteers of the festival. A group of volunteers are like Santa's little helpers who help with all the preparations starting from promotions … Continue reading Behind the Tribal Dance